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Multi-Tenant Data Access Blueprint

The Multi Tenant Data Access (MTDA) Blueprint, part of the Software-plus-Services Blueprint program, provides guidance on writing a SQL Server based, single instance, multi-tenant data access layer similar to that used in LitwareHR sample application (SQL Server version).

This blueprint uses the "extension table" design pattern, where two databases are created: TenantMetaData that holds tenant entity definitions together with cross-tenant information, and TenantData to store actual instances:

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The blueprint consists of:
  • The base blueprint, that generates the scaffolding of the solution and tenant management.
  • An optional Unit tests blueprint for adding a test project to the solution, with basic fixtures.
  • An entity definition blueprint to help you create entities with extensible and flexible schemas.
  • A sample blueprint that demonstrates customization of entity schema and basic queries.

This Blueprint is being upgraded to work with the Microsoft Blueprints Manager

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